A complete factory overview to assist the automation process

Dykon is a Danish manufacturing company that produces feather and down duvets and pillows. Above all, they are pioneers in digital transformation and automation, and their objective is to always be as efficient as possible. In order to fully optimize their business, Dykon needed a complete factory overview of their daily operation to assist their automation process.

 They are using trendlog.io to combine data from their production lines, laboratories and general consumption of gas, electricity and water – all in one place. The trendlog.io platform also helps them distinguish between data sources using different trendboards for each source. The trendboards are easily managed and can be changed to fit their every need.

Simple tools to assist their optimization

The trendlog.io platform allows them to access all necessary data at any time. The overview of their daily operations also allows them to comment on feeds, for instance if a KPI has deviated. Furthermore, the platform lets Dykon automatically generate reports in order to document and communicate specific KPIs to the relevant employees.


Dykon uses trendlog.io to connect their entire daily operations with our online platform. Their production lines are connected to our trendlog.io Data Forwarder with I/O-modules communicating through ModBUS/TCP. In addition, their Test Facilities contain sensors to monitor different temperatures and humidities.

After this, the data is sent to our Data Forwarder via USB-signal from the sensors. Dykon’s general consumption of electricity, water, gas and heat is also connected to the trendlog.io platform. These values are read by electrical impulses via an I/O Module and sent to our trendlog.io Data Forwarder.

All data is sent to our trendlog.io Cloud Solution via an SSL encrypted connection to secure all data. When the data is stored in our Cloud Solution we can visualize it via our online platform on all smart devices.

Additional features

The online platform also contains a few features, among others, a reporting system that provides documentation for the food production. If a temperature or humidity exceeds a specific value they will also receive alarms to relevant personnel.

In addition, when an alarm goes off, you can attach a comment to a graph, visible to other users.

We encourage you to get a closer look at the way we visualize data from various places. You can sign up here!

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