Documenting the effect of their heat recovery systems

Exodraft A/S primarily manufactures and sells chimney solutions to control chimney draught and to recover unused energy from gases and process air. And Exodraft uses test equipment to show potential customers the effect of their heat recovery system. However, they were faced with the issue that they couldn’t remotely monitorize the effect and runtime of their test equipment. 

How does benefit Exodraft?

Using the solution, they are able to visualize what their customers would save by using their heat recovery systems. By integrating the solution into their own equipment, they gain access to remotely monitorized realtime data throughout the process.

The platform allows Exodraft to track the ongoing development in recovering unsued energy and to show their customers the effect of their solution. brings Exodraft closer to the customer by providing a wholesome insight into the value of their heat recovery system. Automatically generated reports also allows Exodraft to document a more specific development to the customer. 

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Exodraft uses to document the effect of their heat recovery system. To help document the effect, they have constructed test boxes consisting of thermocouples as sensors, an I/O Module to convert the data and our Data Forwarder to collect all data and send it to our Cloud Solution via an SSL encrypted connection to secure all collected data. Exodraft Setup

When the data is stored in our Cloud Solution we can visualize it via our Web App – which requires user/password access – on computers, tablets, smartphones and info screens. This allows Exodraft to monitor the effect during the test period and gives them assurance that their equipment is running throughout the period.

The Web App also contains a few features, among others, a reporting system that helps Exodraft provide documentation for their test boxes.

When a certain development in specific data requires explanation, you can attach a comment to a certain point on a graph, and it will become visible to all users with access. Users are granted access by the overall administrator within the company.

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