Corona creates new demands for digitalization of businesses

The Corona Crisis makes demands for digitalization for both consumers and businesses worldwide. But at the same time, it is a possibility to modernize the work methods for many traditional industries. Industries that can benefit greatly from new technologies in their toolbox.
The Corona Crisis hit worldwide and all supermarkets were hoarded for groceries. Many feared that the shelves would go empty but import and export continued to cross the otherwise closed borders. As the globalization grows, we also increasingly rely on our international collaborators. Both as a country and as a business. The demand in many supply chains increases in times of crisis. This means that the production lines need to run with as few mistakes as possible to avoid time loss and downtime.

Many of’s customers are production businesses that have departments in different countries. Because of the digitalization many of them can cooperate under the same conditions as if they were in the same country. Data, future plans strategies and much more get shared on the internet and the many digital options we have access to.

In these times of crisis, the demand for digitalization is even bigger than normal. All departments need to be able to share knowledge and data so that they can continue to secure an efficient flow of products from the production lines. has developed the online platform and interactive rapports that make it possible to maintain the usual communication and share information between the workstations. If the improvement suggestions need discussion, all meeting participants can open the same interactive rapport, where they will have access to exactly the same data. Data that will be both the foundation for the meetings and the basis of the decision making.

How can you adapt as a business?

Multiple production businesses with departments throughout Europe use the Plug&Log data collection system. Med Plug&Log fra får de præcis de data, som de ønsker, og dataene bliver lagret og synliggjort på online-platformen, så alle afdelingerne har adgang til samme data i realtime.

I krisetider, hvor produktionen skal køre hurtigere og fejlene skal minimeres, er det vigtigt, at man nemt kan identificere fejlene og undgå dem fremadrettet – og det er muligt med Plug&Log.

Many say that we will be able to feel the corona crisis many years onward. A lot of people will work more from home, the number of business trips will decrease, and the number of online meetings will increase. We are going to be meeting on Microsoft Teams more often than in the conference room when we need to discuss the improvement suggestions for the production lines. And just this has shown to work optimally when based on interactive rapports that show the same information to all meeting participants at the same time.

Do you have your digital basis for decision under control? A basis of data is an objective and efficient basis for decision! Let’s discuss your options so that we can optimize the way you share information and your basis of data.
In the next blog post we dive into the new normal after the corona crisis. Here you can read about how has been ahead of digitalization and how’s solutions can prepare you for the new normal.
For the companies it shouldn’t be about firing employees because you want to become more efficient – it should be about creating the possibility to build ON TOP of the existing

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