Data collection a tool for production planning

Dataopsamling is a useful tool to access insights into the actual utilization of machinery, and can assist with better production planning

How can data be useful for production planning?

Production planning is used to ensure that the goods go from commodities to finished products. Through all of the different processes a good flow must be made. Or it could result in lacking or delayed orders and deliveries. The production planning however, is only as good as the tools that are available to you. And information that are delivered directly from the production floor could not be better suited as a tool to ensure efficient, even flexible, production planning for the orders that need delivery. 

Some of the most frequent causes of bad production flow is a lack of identifying and handling bottlenecks along with machinery breakdowns. In these instances, digitally available data is important to ensure the ability to react faster to changes and navigate the production planning efficiently. Efficient production planning can result in e.g.:


  • Increase in ability to take in orders
  • Better calculations of the order’s expected delivery times
  • Grow the company on an efficient basis

Do you want see how data collection is visualized?

Plug&Log - Data collection for efficient production planning

Plug&Log is a universal data collection tool that automatically collects information across machinery and robots. The information is accessed from our online platform. The platform contains several features and applications that can help manufacturers react faster to breakdowns and errors. The applications can also continously help minimize downtime and save you valuable resources and time. You can find our more about Plug&Log by clicking the button below, or by exploring our blog posts and cases.

Some appreciated platform features

Automatic reports

The reports feature is flexible and can be set up with the information that is important to the recipients.


  • Automatically sent
  • Interactive graphs
  • Unlimited number of reports
  • Ex. accumulated downtime for last 24 hours

Alarm notifications

An alarm can be sent whenever a machine has stopped, a temperature dropped or the productivity percentage is too low.


  • Be several places at once
  • Faster reaction time
  • Quality assurance 
  • Ex. by e-mail or Slack

Data collection creates new opportunities

For the companies it shouldn’t be about firing employees because you want to become more efficient – it should be about creating the possibility to build ON TOP of the existing

Data collection for production planning

When you automate your production, you also create data. And you invest in increased efficiency. Therefore you should use those data to know more about your production and let it guide you to a reduction in lost production time, higher productivity and better production planning. Plug&Log is our secure, easy-to-install, low-economy box solution for companies that want to use their own data to become more informed and optimized. Plug&Log can let a company focus on the production while continuously and automatically keeping them informed about performance, OEE and more.

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