Did you put digitalization on your to-do list?

If not, now is the time

Digital competences are often a necessity for survival in these times. We need to be able to work digitally, communicate digitally and do meetings digitally. When you must work digitally from home, it requires a lot of change. Routines and habits are pushed aside, and new times are welcomed. 

Before Corona, change was often considered bad since change resulted in firings or drastic changes in habits and routines that were not appreciated without a special reason. Many places it has been a condition that changes were made during corona in order for the employees to keep their jobs. And suddenly, change was considered a good thing rather than a firing note. Therefore, now is the time to do the digital competence improvement and implement the digital work methods, while the employees are open towards the change. 

Data reduces misunderstandings

Many companies use this quiet time to reflect on the past and consider the future. Which “New Normal” are we approaching? Our guess:
We find that our customers across multiple industrial businesses have been keeping the production going with the most essential personnel.. Now the administration returns to a workday where the supply chain is affected by the corona crisis and the consequences that brings. The many small and medium manufacturers need to be even more on the mark for their own ability to deliver and earn money.. This means that they need to be aware of their utilization of the capacity and the real performance compared to expectations and theoretical capacity.. They also need to minimize any kind of waste– that being discarded products, production pauses, bottlenecks or low productivity amongst the employees across team shifts.
Sebastian Sandig

Trendlog.io ApS

In many companies, the digitalization of processes ranks high on the to do list, and here at Trendlog.io, we have helped many to increase their digital competences and begin the use of data to automize and optimize productions and production lines. We have to be able to keep the effective production on the production lines and we must reduce the stop time and minimize the errors on the production lines. All this is spite of that many of us now must communicate digitally. In these times where we are often located separately and the communication is from screen to screen, it has never been more important to minimize misunderstandings.

To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you use data as the base of communication. Data is a valid type of information. Trendlog.io offers real time data through interactive reports, which means that you can be located in different places and follow the same numbers and information, which should be the base of decisions.

Time for data

Take advantage of the quiet times in summer and reflect on how you can prepare yourself for the New Normal. Is your company, your employees, or your colleagues ready for the digital times? We suggest that you use data as a base to avoid bumping into old statistics and outdated information.
Read on in the next blog post, where we talk more about how to reduce communication mistakes and misunderstandings with real time data.

In the meantime, you can read more about how you can ensure an efficient flow of information directly from the production floor to the production planning or management meeting. 

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