Find Your OEE

With LIVE and factual performance and quality data

An OEE Report

When you combine and compare digitized data, you can use it to locate bottlenecks and problem areas easily from one place. And you are always updated with the newest information available from across the production floor.

  • Automated data collection
  • Automation technician option for mounting and integration
  • Reporting of OEE and other performance indicators
  • Easy, user-friendly and scalable online platform
  • Uptime and downtime monitoring
  • Stop causes, and maintenance prediction and planning

What is OEE?

OEE is an abbreviation for Overall Equipment Efficiency, and can help visualize how well your machinery runs. OEE is takes these factors into account:

  • Availability – Uptime and downtime
  • Performance – Speed of production
  • Quality – Stop causes 

OEE is a very useful tool for optimization efforts in your production and on the efficiency of your machinery. 

What is OEE - calculate OEE

How does your machinery actually perform?

Find Your OEE

Trendlog is an opportunity to combine factual data directly from the machinery with quality insights in terms of causes for downtime in the production. Find your OEE across machines, tools and robots and use it to unlock the unseen potential. We can offer you to get started right away with help from an automation expert!

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READ CASE: Midsona increased OEE by 20% in one month

Midsona Danmark A/S, the manufacturer of Urtekram products, had been working on continuous improvement projects around their production facilities. They knew what they wanted to improve but they were missing the insights and documentation that data could provide them with in order to sustainably change and optimize their production.

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