Video guides

Here you have the collection of Trendlog.ios videos. You can find explainers, guides for setups and videos about our equipment.
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Trendlog Explainer | How to collect production data from your machines

Trendlog Erklärt | Industrie 4.0 standardisiert

Connecting Robots | How To Collect Data from a UR Robot (FULL)

Connecting Robots Pt. 1 | Tracking the LIVE State of a UR Robot

Connecting Robots Pt. 2 | Tracking the productivity count of a UR Robot

Connecting Robots Pt. 3 | Tracking the stop time of a UR Robot

How Stores Your Production Value Into Visual Data – Valuer

Maintenance Planner

Maintenance Planner | Predictive Maintenance Tutorial

Maintenance Planner | Preventive Maintenance Tutorial

Maintenance Planner | How to create a checklist

Maintenance Planner | How to set up procurement notifications prior to check-ups

Maintenance Planner | How to fill out the service log

Maintenance Planner | How to notify about a repair job

Maintenance Planner | How to attach a picture to your maintenance report

Maintenance Planner | How to complete the service log on a UR Robot

Stop causes

Stop Causes | How to auto-select stop causes

Stop Causes | Filtering uncategorized production stops

Stop&Log: A stop cause tablet solution


Trendlog Data | How to check your feeds & name them

Trendlog Data | How to create a view

Trendlog Data | How to set up your Trendboard manually