Application: Maintenance Planner

Avoid unnecessary machinery breakdowns


Avoid machinery breakdowns

By helping operators predict, plan and execute maintenance

Most companies know the pain of having broken equipment and machinery cause lost production time. That is why we can give companies access to a tool that updates them on the need for changing of components, lubricants, oil change etc. Maintenance Planner uses simple calculations on the basis of the collected data to predict, when a check-up is needed.

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Are you spending too much on maintenance, and do your technicians fall behind on service tasks? Then you’re NOT alone! The maintenance plan from Trendlog makes sure that your technicians systemize service tasks and get ahead of machine breakdowns. In this story we go into a little more detail on the advantages of this automated maintenance plan to replace the old Excel sheet. 

How does the system plan your maintenance?


Predictive maintenance is important in order for the companies to maintain rather than repair. The planning of maintenance is combined with the actual performance and results from the production. A simple calculation is made in the system, that tells you when it would be optimal to perform maintenance based on the actual tear on the machine or vehicle. That way you can catch downtime early on and check to see if there’s anything to be aware of in terms of replacing parts or lubrication.


Preventive maintenance is a term for planned maintenance. In this case, you inform the system of how many days is allowed to pass before the next inspection. At which point the technician will be notified that a check-up is due on the relevant machine or vehicle. Along with the notification, a checklist of necessary tasks is provided. This list needs to be filled out and it will then be sent into the system and a historical overview of previous check-ups on the unit. Simultaneously a new inspection date will be given in the system.

But how do you execute maintenance with the tool?

Checklist and manuals are automatically provided


When a machine, vehicle or other equipment is due for a check-up, a digital checklist is automatically sent to the responsible operator. The checklist contains tasks and gives access to electrical manuals. When the job is done it is registered and located with the other previous service jobs to ensure the quality of the work.

The Maintenance Planner application is based on data that is collected automatically with Plug&Log, and is based on simple calculations regarding the pressure and usage of the equipment or machine.

How the Maintenance Plan works


Cut service costs with automatic planning

It can be used as a stand-alone tool to systematize check-ups and repair jobs, but it can also be based on data that is collected automatically with Plug&Log. Then it uses simple calculations regarding the pressure and usage of the equipment or machine.Watch this video to get a feeling of how it works, then go learn about our universal data collection tool Plug&Log and our own-developed online data platform

What other tools help you know more about your production?

Plug&Log, Stop&Log and Maintenance Planner are all tools that help companies from different industries find areas where they can optimize on. And we have valued partners that can help with other automation tasks and recommendations for a lean production setup. Let us know what we can do for you!

Download an info 2-pager here

Click on this link for a short description and more insight into the Maintenance Planner tool. The tool is created for the hard-working manufacturers and gives them a chance to use digital, analytical tool without the need for technical skills.

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