Maintenance Planner reduces service costs at Axel Månsson

Back in January vegetable producer Axel Månsson A/S agreed to participate in a pilot project for our new digital maintenance system, Maintenance Planner. For over six months we have cooperated, tested and adjusted the platform. Now, operations manager at Axel Månsson Jonas L. Pedersen explains how Maintenance Planner have helped them save a lot of money.
Already at four of our installations the maintenance costs have been cut significantly
Jonas Pedersen on the pilot project

Operator, vegetable supplier Axel Månsson

Maintenance Planner is a digital tool for companies which automatically plans and systemizes the service and maintenance of production plants, vehicles, machines and similar. We officially launched the maintenance module Maintenance Planner on the 16th of October 2020.. The system can be accessed from our online platform. Furthermore it is an extension of the dashboard solution for visualization of production and energy data. In this context, the system can also both plan and notify the user about the need for maintenance based on whether it is categorized as predictive or preventive. The explanations of this feature can also be found here.

“It’s wonderfully simple”

Jonas says about Maintenance Planner that:

It’s wonderfully simple. You can easily buy other programs which are very complex and hard to understand. But if it can’t be used in everyday routines it is useless out here! The simplicity of it is very important!

The simplicity is key to the development, to make sure it completes its purpose – to make the maintenance job as easy as possible to the technicians of the company. Jonas adds to this: 
One of the greatest things about this is that everything is dynamic. You are very close to the programming part, so there isn’t far from thought to action. Our whole company runs this way. In that way Maintenance Planner is a perfect match.

Maintenance Planner reduces service costs

Axel Månsson A/ S produces vegetables and eggs in large amounts right from the field to the store. They have a fleet of tractors, large vehicles, handling facilities and production machines which needs maintenance to not risk breakdowns and falling behind. To systematize the planning and evaluation of correct service they use Maintenance Planner:
– Well, we haven’t been able to find what we are looking for elsewhere. Now we have the opportunity of adding along the way – all our stations are added – all our tractor units, production machines and production tools are added (over 200 units). The system keeps an eye on everything itself, so that we can be sure the technician has made a decision on the same things every time. That is, following a checklist every time service is performed.

“Last year we spent a lot of money”

After the trial period where we tested the maintenance system, Jonas can see the effect it has had and states:

– I can see how last year we spent a lot of money on our flow packers but this year we haven’t spent nearly the same. And our technicians says it’s due to the fact that they are able to perform service at the right time.

Our goal for Maintenance Planner was to offer these companies a better overview og save them countless maintenance costs – and it seems we have succeeded! 

Månsson is now at the forefront of their maintenance. The whole process has been systematized and automated, no longer missing any planned inspections of a unit – and it has reduced their maintenance costs considerably.

And when asked about what feature is appreciated the most, Jonas answers:

It is amazing that we are able to copy.

We like that!

Thanks to Axel Månsson A/S for participating in the pilot project – and thank you to Jonas for the excellent feedback. They will continue using the Planner to make sure they are not falling behind because of unmaintained machinery. 

If you want to know more about Maintenance Planner, keep reading here.

If you want to try the maintenance planning at your company, you are more than welcome to contact us for a test run.

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