Automatic OEE and Automation Data in Realtime


Increase production capacity from day 1

With automatic OEE and Automation data in realtime


Companies can use their existing machinery to get insight from and optimize on. Therefore we have enabled a solution called Plug&Log for our customers, that can be installed in just a few, simple steps. The solution will ultimately provide digital access to production performance and automatic downtime registration without the need for employees with specific technological skills. Above all, Plug&Log is created for our customers and helps them optimize their efficiency with simple tools.

Digitalized companies are on average 15% more productive after implementing technologies like data collection

Automatic data collection from existing machinery

Plug&Log is our secure, easy-to-install, affordable solution for companies to start using their data to become informed, smarter and optimized. In addition, Plug&Log can let companies focus on their production while automatically supplying them with updated information on performance, OEE etc.

Where can data come from?

Collecting data is actually a fairly simple task if you have the right tools. And Plug&Log collects data on a daily basis from many different types of machinery and equipment, in many different industries. Ex:


  • Case or flow packers, packaging, palletizers
  • Weighers, general end-of-line machines (input, waste/sorted and output)
  • Extrusion or injection mold
  • CNC milling machines
  • Consumption meter – heat, gas, waste water, electricity
  • Storage, coolers, drying cabinets
  • Quality data – ex. heating blankets for suspension cables on hanging bridges

The Online Platform

As part of the end-to-end solution, we offer companies a very flexible, user-friendly and intuitive platform for them to access their OEE and Automation data once it has been collected by Plug&Log. The online platform we have developed is scalable and it is used by companies with everything from one temperature meter to over 100 individual production lines. It gives access to key information and contains several tools and applications to use for analytical purposes and to respond to changes in production and errors. 

What could be the setup for you?

Try our setup generator to get specific insight into the possibilities for your company 

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