Production Tracking & Analysis

Assemble an overview, minimize your stops and uncover hidden potential

Digitize your production monitoring

Trendlog offer a plug & play data collection and analysis solution enabling companies to become more production efficient, reduce production costs, and minimize waste and consumption.

  • Performance KPIs
  • Stop cause insights
  • Consumption data
  • OEE and much more
Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik

Your digital overview

Create your own Trendboard with an overview of your production data. You can for example use the Trendboard to visualize whether your machine/PLC/robot is running or not, how many units it has produces or see the total downtime.

Start collecting data today

Trendlog Collect can be easily installed on both machines and robots without the risk of downtime for the installation. You can track the production output, register stop causes, and use these insights to reduce downtime and optimize OEE. Start your data collection today and let us help you with the installation and setup.

Trendlog Project plan

Subscription plans


Robots, PLCs, etc.

€ 35



Temperature sensors, etc.

€ 3.5



Large projects

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Custom package

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