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Maybe you’re wondering what the possibilities of data could be for you and your company. And maybe you have a specific project in mind. Then try this Setup generator that can tell you if and how you can visualize data from it.

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Automatic OEE and automation data


Increase efficiency with automatic OEE data

Plug&Log lets you track your data and gives you instant access via customizable Trendboards. For instance, you can monitor KPI’s, follow the development and document the efficiency. That’s the way to increase efficiency with automatic OEE data. Watch this video to get a feeling of how it works, then go learn about our universal data collection tool Plug&Log and our own-developed online data platform.

Setup generator


Plug&Log is a universal data collection tool that automatically collects information across machinery and robots. The information is accessed from our online platform. The platform contains several features and applications that can help manufacturers react faster to breakdowns and errors. The applications can also continously help minimize downtime and save you valuable resources and time. You can find our more about Plug&Log by clicking the button below, or by exploring our blog posts and cases.

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