Application: Stop&Log

Reduce lost production time and increase profitability


Increase OEE and production planning

By automatically identifying error types


Digital access to usable information alone can reduce downtime significantly. But to ensure future lost production time we make it possible to automatically register all individual errors and stops on an assembly line, palletizer, robot or other machinery. This allows companies to categorize frequent error types and prevent future downtime. Thereby increasing profitability by higher production capacity with the same personnel.

How Stop&Log can work for you


Plan your production smarter and reduce frequent error types

When collecting data with Plug&Log, it automatically records the time that a machine has stopped and reports it back to you. You can use this to uncover the types of errors that occur and work on reducing them categorically. It also works as a tool to plan production batches. Watch this video to get a feeling of how it works, then go learn about our universal data collection tool Plug&Log and our own-developed online data platform.

So how do you reduce lost production time?

Example: Mounted on-site tablet solution


Categorizing the registered errors happens on the production floor. So we created this tool for the operator, and several companies use mounted tablets by the machinery. When an error occurs, it is automatically registered as an uncategorized bar on the tablet. When the operator presses it, a number of categories and reasons become available for identification. Stop&Log helps bring information quickly from the production floor to be analyzed for prevention of similar future errors.

The Stop&Log application is based on the data that is collected automatically with Plug&Log

What other tools help you know more about your production?

Plug&Log, Stop&Log and Maintenance Planner are all tools that help companies from different industries find areas where they can optimize on. And we have valued partners that can help with other automation tasks and recommendations for a lean production setup. Let us know what we can do for you!

Download an info 2-pager here

Click on this link for a short description and more insight into the Stop&Log tool. The tool is created for the hard-working manufacturers and gives them a chance to use digital, analytical tool without the need for technical skills.

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