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How to visualize OEE and Automation data


Digital production data

How can we visualize information online LIVE?


With our own developed online platform we are non-dependent on third-party-dashboard solutions. That’s how we can offer a very flexible, user-friendly and intuitive platform for companies to access their OEE and Automation data. On this page we offer a bit of insight into selected features that help companies optimize on the basis of data and our online platform.


Digitalized companies are on average 15% more productive after implementing technologies like data collection

How to go from machine to digital production data?

When companies want easy-to-use information from machinery, robots or storage facilities, Plug&Log creates and collects the raw data at the location. Afterwards, the raw data is safely forwarded to our own hosted Cloud solution. From there, the data is accessed on our online platform, where it is transformed to usable information. This could be a periodic graph, a LIVE indicator or maybe a produced per hour value. Read further for more on digital production data or check out an example of a LIVE dashboard.

Analytical tools to actively increase efficiency

Besides visualizing capacity and production performance, some companies want options to actively turn lost production time into profit. So we’ve created additional easy-to-use applications inside our online platform – Stop&Log and Maintenance Planner – valuable tools to increase OEE and order capacity


Reduce lost production time and increase profitability

Manufacturers and industrial companies are all affected by lost production time or errors in their products or services. Stop&Log helps register og identify error types in order to categorically prevent future downtime that is then turned into increased profitability. Producing more with the same resources.

Maintenance Planner

Avoid unnecessary machinery breakdowns

Most companies know the pain of having broken equipment and machinery cause lost production time. Maintenance Planner can give companies access to a tool that updates them on the need for changing of components, lubricants, oil change etc. It also assists the operator with checklists and manuals to ensure the quality of their job.

Some appreciated platform features

Automatic reports

The reports feature is flexible and can be set up with the information that is important to the recipients.


  • Automatically sent
  • Interactive graphs
  • Unlimited number of reports
  • Ex. accumulated downtime for last 24 hours

Alarm notifications

An alarm can be sent whenever a machine has stopped, a temperature dropped or the productivity percentage is too low.


  • Be several places at once
  • Faster reaction time
  • Quality assurance 
  • Ex. by e-mail or Slack

So how can your company become more efficient?

We have customers from many different industries. They use us to give them access to information about their production, storage, laboratories, employee satisfaction and much more. Find your case here.

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