What is energy data?

Is your business reliant on environments and quality controlled by temperature, humidity levels or other factors as such? Or are you planning green initiatives? Whether you are a manufacturer, robotics company, bakery or restaurant your consumption of resources is important, but what is energy data, and how can you use it?

Examples of energy data

There are generally lots of examples of energy data in terms of industrial environments. And it all depends on your line of business and the consumption of resources that is relevant to that. If you are a manufacturer then you might rely on a high consumption of electricity, gas and heat. And if you are a restauranteur, then you might be more interested in the environment your food is being kept in, in terms of the temperature and humidity of storage, coolers and such. Below is an example of an overview relating an office environment. 

Automatic food quality control

Automatic temperature and freezer data for food and health services and self-monitoring


Depending on the country, many businesses that handle foods are required to document that certain standards are kept in terms of e.g. the temperature and humidity levels of storage spaces or coolers. Automatic energy data can allow you to self-monitor and provides historical insights for random check-ups by health authorities. 

With all of the necessary information gathered in one place, it is easy to control the quality of your product and document it externally with automatic reports from the platform. 

READ CASE: Mette Munk quality controls their environment for food production 

Energy data allows you to follow consumption and environments, but you can also use it to reduce your consumption. Mette Munk is a manufacturer of baked goods and pastry, and they wanted to make sure that their environments for production and storage of foods could live up to the standards set by the governing food and health services. 

What other tools help you know more about your production?

Plug&Log, Stop&Log and Maintenance Planner are all tools that help companies from different industries find areas where they can optimize on. And we have valued partners that can help with other automation tasks and recommendations for a lean production setup. Let us know what we can do for you!

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