What is production data?

Valid and objective insights from the production are the first step to optimization and an efficient flow. But what is production data and how do you use it?

Which types of production data can you get?

Collect data automatically from:

  • Machine, ex. case packer, packaging, assembly
  • Machine, ex. weighers, flow packers, general end-of-line (input, waste/sorted, output)
  • Extruder or injection mold (plastics)
  • CNC milling machine
  • Industrial and collaborative robots
  • Not dependent on machine supplier, protocols or access to PLC

Examples of data types:

  • Number of units produced (total, per minute/hour/day/etc.
  • Production time (per cycle/batch)
  • Stop time (total, last hour, 24 hours)
  • Shifts – compare dat and night shifts
  • LIVE machine state
  • Trend curve comparing productivity status with theoretic ability

But what can you do with it?

Gather your existing knowledge with unknown data in one place


You might already be aware of the output of your production or the completed orders on day and night shifts. But when you combine and compare the information with data you didn’t have before, then you can use it to locate bottlenecks and problem areas easily from one place. And you are always updated with the newest information available from across the production floor.

You can even combine the information from across several factories and benchmark your productivity.

READ CASE: Midsona optimizes their production with data

Midsona Danmark A/S, the manufacturer of Urtekram products, had been working on continuous improvement projects around their production facilities. They knew what they wanted to improve but they were missing the insights and documentation that data could provide them with in order to sustainably change and optimize their production.

What other tools help you know more about your production?

Plug&Log, Stop&Log and Maintenance Planner are all tools that help companies from different industries find areas where they can optimize on. And we have valued partners that can help with other automation tasks and recommendations for a lean production setup. Let us know what we can do for you!

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