White Label

Integrate your own data platform

Brand and sell your very own Cloud solution

Why White Label our platform?

Whether you are a manufacturing company, a welding company or you are trying to convince potential customers to buy your solution or service – you need to measure and prove the performance, quality and effect of your product.

White Label will allow your company to integrate your own data platform. And to collect, store and visualize data essential to you and the customer. All from a platform that is completely customized to your brand. This includes logo, colors, theme and general setup.

Examples from our White Labellers

This page can also be adjusted to fit the needs of your company or customers and, as mentioned, can be easily integrated into your own website. This makes our White Labelled platform perfect for reselling as part of your own product. E.g. to track and monitor performance, quality or effect of your product with customers. To help this utilization, the platform can generate automatic reports to document the performance and quality.

Furthermore, we handle all continuous development and maintenance of the platform, which means that you can focus on selling your own product or service.

What is included?

Your own Cloud solution

Integrate your own data platform with brand logo and colors

Hosting and Development

All services to maintain and develop the platform will still be taken care of by us

Selling data tracking

Have access to fully implementing this solution into your products for your own customers

Why not become smarter on your products and customers?

By White Labelling you could create service contracts with your customers. Similarly you can ensure the quality and performance of the products and services you already sell

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