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We are monitoring the situation following COVID-19 in form of infections and hospitalizations in the Regions of Denmark. We do this in order to try and provide insights and make it possible to follow trends on the serious situation that spands globally and throughout the world.


Collecting and gathering information across machinery and robots into one, accessible overview



The Data Forwarder collects data from various inputs and forwards it via an encrypted connection to the cloud. 


The cloud stores the data securely and (through an API-key) gives you direct access and insight on any device – anytime, anywhere. 


The web-app visualizes the collected data on Trendboards that are flexible and intuitive and can be easily customized to fit your every need.

The first step towards digital transformation

Featured Case Studies

Danish Sweets Manufacturer

Danish Sweets Manufacturer

A company that produces hard candy wanted a simple overview to help them visualize the actual speeds of their production lines, and uses to minimize their downtime.

Universal Robots

Universal Robots

Universal Robots is a global manufacturer of collaborative robots for industrial use. They are used as a tool to increase productivity and can be used to visualize exactly that.



Exodraft manufactures and sells systems to recover heat from production and use as energy to minimize waste of ressources. To visualize the effect of their systems, they use

Embedding Trendviews

Your Trendboards feature Trendviews (e.g. graphs or tables) that show the collected data. These Trendviews can be easily embedded into webpages (just like you know it from YouTube etc.)

The Trendviews will be continuously updated when new data is collected.

This example tracks the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Denmark which is updated every 24 hours.

    Features and functions include


    Alarm notifications

    Instantly know if specified data limits are exceeded. 


    Automated reports

    Receive automated reports documenting the latest trends.

    Limitless views

    Create all the Trendboards that you want – no limits!


    Live Data! Access your data anytime, anywhere. 

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