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And optimize with maintenance forecasts and automation data

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HI Industry Expo 2021

HI Industry Expo 2021

Planning your trip to HI 2021? Meet Trendlog.io at the large Danish industrial expo from October 5 to 7 at Stand 9143 in Hall L

Significant growth for Trendlog

Significant growth for Trendlog

We’re experiencing significant growth for Trendlog, and the team has grown from 2 to 7 people. Read more about the new team members here.



First of all the Data Forwarder universally collects data from various inputs and forwards it via an encrypted connection to the trendlog.io cloud.


Afterwards the trendlog.io cloud stores the data securely and gives you direct access and insight on any device – anytime, anywhere.


And ultimately the trendlog.io platform visualizes the collected data on flexible Trendboards that can be easily customized to fit your needs.


Digitize your production insights with automatic OEE and automation data

Plug&Log is a universal data collection tool, that can automatically collect and gather information across machinery and robots. The information is accessed from our online platform. Our platform contains several tools to help manufacturers react faster to errors and to completely minimize downtime, saving valuable time and resources. We also have other ways for you to digitize your production insights and you can find more by exploring our blogs posts and case studies.

Automation data collection Odense

Digitize your production data

And reduce lost production time with error type registration and forecasted maintenance needs

Plug&Log lets you track your data and gives you instant access via customizable Trendboards. For instance, you can monitor KPI’s, follow the development and document the efficiency. That’s the way to increase efficiency with automatic OEE data. Watch this video to get a feeling of how it works, then go learn about our universal data collection tool Plug&Log and our own-developed online data platform.

Analytical tools to optimize actively

Besides visualizing production performance some companies want opportunities to actively reduce lost production time from breakdowns and general downtime and turn it into profit. So we’ve created additional easy-to-use applications inside our online platform – Stop&Log and Maintenance Planner – valuable tools to increase OEE and the general performance of machinery and production facilities

Predicting maintenance and helping operator plan and execute service jobs
Identifying and preventing downtime

Why not produce more with the same resources?

Manufacturers are increasing productivity from day 1 with Plug&Log and an ROI for the setup of down to 1 or 2 months. Why aren’t you?

Blogs: Need inspiration?

You can try and find some in our regularly updated Blog section

We partner with a professional writer to try and tackle some of the important subjects that companies face today. Most of these blogs are based around the use of technology and data to try and automate and optimize. But some other subjects include change management in general for treaditional and smaller manufacturers and companies. We generally use these blogs to give some insight into the world of data, and you are also welcome to contact us in case of questions.

HI Industry Expo 2021

HI Industry Expo 2021

Planning your trip to HI 2021? Meet Trendlog.io at the large Danish industrial expo from October 5 to 7 at Stand 9143 in Hall L

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