Maintenance Planner

Avoid sudden breakdowns and repairs with a digital maintenance system

Manage your maintenance

Maintenance Planner is a subscription-based CMMS system that lets you manage your maintenance and service  inspections. The system replaces clipboards and spreadsheets and allows you to stay several steps ahead of expensive breakdowns. The system includes:

  • Maintenance overview
  • Digital checklists
  • Audit documentation
  • Historical service reports
  • Access to technical drawings or manuals on-site
Trendlog Maintenance Planner on computer and tablet

Subscription plans


50 Checklists

€ 101



100 Checklists

€ 134



300 Checklists

€ 202



What is Trendlog Maintenance Planner?

Maintenance Planner is a CMMS system which you can use to manage maintenance and service. The system replaces paper reports and the spreadsheet with automatic scheduling and digital checklists which is sent directly to the operator.  That way you’ll get the documentation in place and catch repairs and expensive breakdowns in advance.

What are the benefits of a maintenance planning?

Planning of maintenance and service helps your company to predict reparations and expensive breakdowns.

A good system for maintenance planning (CMMS) replaces the complex spreadsheet and paper notes, so you can keep track of the timing of service tasks, get the documentation in order and helps your operators to plan their time.

Start planning today!

Most companies know the pain of having broken equipment and machinery cause lost production time. The Maintenance Planner gives companies access to a tool that updates them on the need for changing of components, lubricants, oil change etc. Maintenance Planner either uses schedule based planning, or simple calculations on the basis of performance data to predict, when a check-up is needed – reducing maintenance costs significantly.

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Trendlog Maintenance Planner on computer and tablet

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