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CASE: Midsona optimized their production by 20%


After a more targeted effort we now see that our OEE numbers are rising again and we are getting close to a 20% improvement of our OEE.

Morten Jensen, COO, foods producer Midsona

Midsona Danmark A/S, the manufacturer of Urtekram and Änglamark products, contacted Trendlog with the purpose of tracking data from their improvement projects and from their production lines. Read their story here.

CASE: Månsson cut their service costs in half


At just 4 of our installations the maintenance costs have already been cut significantly.

Jonas Pedersen, Operator, vegetable supplier Månsson

Månsson A/S, a large Danish producer of vegetables and eggs provided to supermarket chains, started using our maintenance planning system to make sure their fleet of machinery was running smoothly through the harvesting season. Read their story here.

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EU invests in data

EU invests in data

The EU invests in data with the new European data strategy. A data strategy that is going to encourage companies to digitize further.

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