Blown water pipe – caught in no time

When you take advantage of the value data offers, you can reach great economic advantages. The information that data has given our clients has entailed green conversions, increased production, higher security and improvement of efficiency of various work tasks.

30% reduction of CO2 emissions before 2030 – yes please!

In January The Confederation of Danish Industry (wrote about how data could be an important tool to lift the green conversion – and back in January we had already joined the green wave. We develop alongside the society and our customers’ needs. The government wants to reduce Denmark’s CO2 emissions with 30% before 2030, and we wish to help with that.

Green data also reduces operation costs

When data contributes to a green transformation, we call it green data. At Dykon, which is the leading manufacturer of duvets and pillows in northern Europe, they use our systems to access green data – data that they can analyse, and then reduce their consumption accordingly and contribute to Denmark’s green transformation.

Flemming Sørensen, Factory Manager at the duvet manufacturer Dykon says:

– I can give you an example. For example, regarding energy. We collect data from electricity, water and gas. And this helps us see if we have an unnatural idle run usage during a weekend when nobody is out here. Then we found out that it would be smart to put a valve on the compressor to avoid that it’s gives off energy in the weekend. It helped a lot on the electricity consumption.

Flemming continues:

– Another time we saw that there had been a huge water consumption during the weekend. Due to frost, a water pipe had burst and because we automatically got numbers from it, we were able to discover it immediately.

A blown water pipe that was caught in no time

Besides having accomplished savings on their electricity consumption, they were able to use the green data in real time to avoid major water damage by getting the message on the water damage immediately.

The value that data has created at Dykon is indispensable. As they make green conversions multiple places in their companies, they also save money on operation costs.

That’s what we call a win win situation!

In the next blog post we take a closer look at what data can also be used for. We share customer stories and let you know what type of value data can give you.

In the meantime, you can read more about how you can assure an efficient flow of information directly from the production floor to the production planning or management meeting.

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