Tracking movements and data from Cobots

Universal Robots is a very successful manufacturer of easily programmable collaborative industrial robots based in our own hometown Odense, Denmark. The company’s Cobots are, and have been, sold in thousands around the world and are often used as a tool to increase productivity and decrease work injuries. collecting data from UR Cobots

Instant overview of cycles and rotations

Like any other tool, data is crucial to visualize and document the effectiveness of the Cobots in work environments. can very easily collect and visualize valuable insights from the robots and into our platform. This makes it possible to gather all manufacturing data (robots, production lines, sensors, meters etc.) in one complete overview.

From Cobots we can instantly, both LIVE and historically, visualize data such as Joint Positions, the number of cycles, cycle times, total up- and downtime and much more. Along with an overview, the platform can also notify you whenever a Cobot has stopped or the cycle times deviate from certain values. You can even receive automated reports regarding effectiveness and error types to use for the morning staff meetings.

5 Minute Setup is used to document the productivity of UR Cobots by providing LIVE and historical insights that can be gathered with all other manufacturing data in just one collective overview.

Trendlog,io UR setup

Once our Plug&Log box has been connected to power and ethernet, we only need to use one Digital Input from the Cobot controller to securely collect all data without compromising security or allowing for remote control. As the Plug&Log box has been pre-configured, the setup time to collect all important data from a UR Cobot is only 5 minutes – making it a very easy, flexible and affordable solution for you to have the complete overview and document effectiveness of your manufacturing.

Check out our Plug&Log page to read more about how we collect and assemble all valuable data to help companies document their effectiveness and optimize productivity. You should also sign up to our platform to see a few examples of how we visualize collected data from different units.

If you are interested in knowing more about the technological specifications regarding our platform and solution, please contact us.