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Kochsgade 31D, 5000 Odense, Denmark.

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    Lars Märcher Sandig

    CEO & Product Development
    +45 2424 1404


    Sebastian Märcher Sandig is a family-run company based in Odense and driven by father and son, Lars and Sebastian. Furthermore, as a member of Odense Robotics, has a close affiliation with the well-known robot cluster. The idea behind emerged from the experiences of founder, Lars, from the food and packing industry. Formerly, he was producing and selling machinery for packing and palletizing of fruits and vegetables around the world with his previous company. In order to ease the remote support, when the customers called from Australia or Canada, he developed his own system to keep track of the machines’ operations and performance. Quickly, it developed into an interesting tool for the management of his clients, who were lacking this kind of simple and collected overview of their production. This piece of software turned into the platform.

    Today, has developed the platform further (Trendlog Cloud) and standardized the data collection options (Trendlog Collect), which gives companies the opportunity to collect insights and create a better overview of their production. makes Industry 4.0 available for the small and medium-sized enterprises by offering a user-friendly and flexible system, which can be used across the company to minimize production inefficiency and reduce unforeseen maintenance costs. 

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