Data collection leads to changes in the organization

Implementing data collection systems leads to changes in the every day life. Changes trigger reactions from the employees – for better or worse. Midsona experienced this in the implementation of the data collection system Plug&Log.
The industrial development never stops. Industry 4.0 – the digital revolution has arrived. The digitalization offers new possibilities. One of them is the digital data collction system from When new systems are implemented in the businesses it brings new habits and changes. And it is important to be aware of these changes before the implementation is set in motion.

Which changes did it cause?

The changes are often changes of set rutines or work tasks. Therefore patience is important, when the changes are implemented. Many employees have worked in production companies for many years. Some maybe in the same company in the same production line. It is therefore understandable that they question the new rutines.

Which reaction did Midsona Danmark A/S experience?

A digitalized data collection system collects all kinds of data. The data gets logged and then used as a base for the analysis that should give insight in the production. The same data should later work as the valid data that supports development and improvements. Therefore, the employees that work in production may get the feeling that they are under surveillance since their area of work and responsibility is made more visible. This is what Midsona Danmark A/S experienced.
In continuation of the last blog post, which was about the interview with Midsona Danmark – the manufacturer of Urtekram’s products, the last question was:

Did the solution make any difference for the employees? Have they adapted to it and how is the Plug&Log setup from used?

Whereto Morten Jensen COO/Chief Operating Officer answered:

At first there was some resistance amongst the employees, “they didn’t want to be measured”. But after we got started and they have been a part of the process, they have adapted to the system and now see it as a possibility to draw attention to the problems they are battling to keep the production lines running. This also means that we can decide which actions to take based on a data based foundation together with the employees and explain why it is necessary to make changes and afterwards show the results of the improvements.

At Midsona time was essential. The employees now work with the system instead of against. They do get “measured”, but the important thing is that now they can use the system to report and point out flaws or challenges, which makes their every day work life easier.

Involve the employees for best results

As Midsona describes, they involve the employees when they make decisions. When Midsona involves their employees, they show them trust and transparency which is important in a process of change.

Implementing change can be a long-lasting and heavy process. But Midsona is a good example to prove that it is worth it, when you invest the time and involve the employees. Inanother post the COO of Midsona, Morten Jensen describes how they have acheived a lasting improvement of their OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of 20% within the first few months.

And now Midsona has satisfied and adaptable employees as well as a decision foundation based on valid and objective data.

Do you also believe that a valid decision foundation could benefit your business? sees that an increasing number of traditional industry businesses show interest in using their data with a data collection system. And if you implement one it leads to changes which will create questions and maybe distress from the employees.

Therefore you can read along in the next blog post and learn more about how you handle the internal and external influence that a change like implementation of a data collection system can create.

In the meantime you can also find more information on the data collection system Plug&Log which can give you objective insight into the performance across team shifts for example continuous improvement of OEE or a more lean production. Did this story give you something to think about? Then seek advice and counseling with or find more reading materialon this page.

”Data collection leads to changes in the organization” is a post that is created in collaboration with COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Midsona Danmark A/S, Morten Jensen. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

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