Is digitalization really about saving on employees? helps many businesses to take the first digital steps. The data collection system Plug&Log collects data which is made visible on the associated digital user platform, which results in a development of the organization and changes in work routines. 
In the last blog post we looked at the implementation process of data collection systems at Midsona, the manufacturer of Urtekram products. Midsona experienced resistance from their employees. They felt monitored and they didn’t understand what the data was good for. However, their opinion changed then they started working with Plug&Log instead of against


In this blog post we have gathered a few good advise for how to prepare the business and the employees for new digital times. 

First stop: The employees

If your employees are not on board with the journey of change, you will be stuck at your starting point. The employees do the work and were it not for them, the company would not produce anything. 

When data collection systems and associated digital tools arrive, it means new changes and routines in the everyday life. There are many ideas of how long it takes to adapt and change the old routines. One thing is for sure. It takes longer than you think if the process is not correctly presented. Therefore, be sure to make time to answer all the employees’ questions and involve them from day one. This way you also save time in the implementation process. 

For the companies it shouldn’t be about firing employees because you want to become more efficient – it should be about creating the possibility to build ON TOP of the existing

Are you developing – or changing?

”We are digitalizing following processes which will lead to a number of changes.”


“The organization is developing – and we will make sure that our employees also evolve.”

When it is time to take the first step of digitalization, it can be done in many ways. When you implement Plug&Log it will bring changes of the everyday life. But most importantly, the organization and the employees will evolve. The employees get an opportunity to use the collected data and draw attention to the challenges they face. And with that they can use it to improve their work. 

”All development is to get out of what you have gotten yourself into” – make sure to help them get started with open communication and a good amount of spirit. 

Take one step back before you take two ahead

The implementation process Plug&Log is comparable to the first time you sat behind a steering wheel. You started with the theory where you were presented with the traffic rules. When you were familiar with the traffic rules, you were allowed behind the wheel – in the playpen! Here you were to practice and only when you knew what you were doing, you were allowed on the roads.

The employees need to go back and start with the theory. They need to be taught the new system. They must be informed about how to work with it and which consequences the implementation can have on their routines and daily work tasks. 

Our experience tells us that many fear a dismissal notice when they hear the word digitalization. Here it is important to say: 

For the businesses it is not supposed to be about firing or saving on employees, because they want to work for efficiently. Instead it should be about building ON TOP of the work force they already have by increasing the possibility to take in more orders and save salary per produced product and then even create more jobs
Sebastian Sandig ApS

When you have taken the first step in the digital direction, the wheels will be running more smoothly.

We do what we can to help all our customers get started with a good and stabile digital everyday life with Plug&Log.

With help from data, you can have important information centralized, which can be used to make objective decisions and improve the capacity utilization.

Do you also believe that data could be helpful in your business? And did this story give you something to think about? Then seek advice and counseling with or find more reading materialon this page.

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