Midsona optimizes their production with data

After a more targeted effort we now see that our OEE numbers are rising again and we are getting close to a 20% improvement of our OEE

Morten Jensen

COO, foods producer Midsona (Urtekram)

Midsona Danmark A/S has proven that data can be especially useful for efficiency improvement of production lines. But what does it take for data to be useful for a business?
The business needs to be willing to work actively with the newly available information and also be aware to use its existing knowledge on the production and processes to achieve the wanted results.

Morten Jensen, COO at Midsona Danmark A/S gives his answer in an interview with Trendlog.io below.

One thing is that you want to improve your production, another is that you must define which data you need to collect to take action. Trendlog.io has delivered the data collection system Plug&Log to Midsona and after a period of time where they’ve used the system, we were allowed to interview Morten Jensen.

“We have picked off the low-hanging fruits”

Midsona Danmark A/S who produces Urtekram products had been working with improvement projects for their production for a long time. They knew what they wanted to improve, but they lacked the insight that data could give them to lastingly change and optimize their production. Their basis for decision needed to consist of valid data so that they were sure to make the right changes.

COO at Midsona, Morten Jensen, explains the choice of Trendlog’s system:

– There are 3 main reasons why Midsona chose to use a digitalized data collection system:

  1. We have worked with continuous improvement processes in our supply chain for many years. We have had great succes with the improvement projects we have done, but we also find that after a while, we lose the effect of our changes again. That’s why we need a system that helps us to maintain the level on the improvement projects we do.
  2. After having worked with continuous improvement for many years, we have “picked off the low-hanging fruits” and now use data collection to make decisions from a data based base.
  3. Midsona has production units all over Europe. When we compare and optimize across production units, we need to assure that we measure in the same ways and from the same base.

How can data contribute to Midsona?

Midsona was aware of what the data was needed for, before they made the decision to use a digitalized data collecting system. Thereafter Morten puts into words what the solution, that Trendlog.io supplied, has meant for their production:

– There has been more focus on having a stabil production and the reasons why we lose production time – whether it is from internal challenges or from external (for example commodity suppliers)

He continues:

– Just the measuring of output without further actions showed an improvement of output of about 10%. However this effect dropped after a few months. But after a more targeted effort we now see that our OEE numbers are rising again and we are getting close to a 20% improvement of our OEE. We have proven that we haven’t reached the maximum improvement yet.

Midsona Danmark A/S uses data to improve efficiency

Midsona did their research thoroughly. Trendlog.io supplied the data collection system which made it possible for Midsona to collect the necessary data. The data that gave them insight in the production and a base for continuing to improve their OEE.

Midsona’s implementation and use of the data collection solution Plug&Log from Trendlog.io showed clear evidence that is pays off to follow the wave of digitalization. With help from data, businesses like Midsona can centralize important information and give an objective basis for ex. the performance across team shifts or continuous improvement of OEE.

Do you also believe that data could be helpful in your business? And did this story give you something to think about? Then seek advice and counseling with Trendlog.io or find more reading materialon this page.

Moreover, read the next post where we take a closer look on some of the internal challenges businesses can encounter and need to be aware of, related to changes and implementation of new technologies such as data collection or digital predictive maintenance.

“Midsona optimizes their production with data” is a post that is made in collaboration with COO (Chief Operating Officer) in Midsona Danmark A/S, Morten Jensen. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.
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