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The founder of, Lars Märcher Sandig, shares his advice and experiences within Industry 4.0, data collection and effective implementation of digitalization

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Biggest challenges of manufacturers today

Production companies, both in Denmark and abroad, are facing some difficult challenges. Challenges that are important to address and revolve around subjects like competitiveness, adaptability and sustainability. In our latest blog post we highlight some of them, and tell you how digitisation can be a central element in the solution to their problems. Read more about it in this blog post.

Lars Märcher sandig

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Trendlog’s Top 3 for 2022

Trendlog’s Top 3 for 2022

Which technologies will set the agenda for production companies in 2022? In this post Trendlog anticipates their top 3 trends for next year.

Your guide to start using data

Your guide to start using data

Industry 4.0 will change production companies with power much greater than that of robots and automation. Lars Märcher Sandig guides you into this brave new world.

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With a long career in the foods and packing industry, Lars discovered a need for tools that could digitize performance insights more suitable for the management level. This led to the founding of and the establishment of a management tool that could ease the administration of production planning and machine performance. is a family-run business striving to create human-centered solutions that can uncover hidden optimization potential and bridge the gap between automation and digitization. It’s a new step within the industry and it takes willingness to adapt which is often a barrier to overcome for companies. That is why we’re creating a universe that can evolve you as an expert in Industry 4.0 and let you discover how standard solutions can generate optimization opportunities for you.

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