Trendlog Collect

Trendlog Collect

Standardized data collection

Where can you collect data from?

Trendlog Collect is our series of standardized ways to collect production, performance and energy data. It consists of hardware that can collect information across machinery, robots and sensors. This includes data from:

  • Conveyors and production lines
  • Extrusion and injection mold (plastics)
  • Packaging and palletizing machines
  • Temperatures and humidity levels
  • Consumption meters – heat, waste water, gas, electricity
  • And much more
How does it work?

A visual and realtime overview

We have standardized our data collection options to give companies the opportunity to digitize their insights, and create a better and more accessible overview of their production and operations. Our solutions can be attached directly onto existing plants, and give you updates LIVE from the production floor with our platform Trendlog Cloud.


Example from the Collect series:

Trendlog UNO v1

There are many useful ways to benefit from data collection, like registration of breakdowns, automated maintenance planning, temperature measurements and much more – all collected in one solution, accessible from a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

Digitize your insights

Visualize the collected data with Trendlog Cloud