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Utilize your data – anytime, anywhere

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A flexible solution to digitize data and gain insight into your production efficiency

Monitor production and consumption data within your company or integrate the platform directly, to sell as part of your own machine, product or service.



The Data Forwarder collects data from various inputs and forwards it via an encrypted connection to the cloud. 


The cloud stores the data securely and (through an API-key) gives you direct access and insight on any device – anytime, anywhere. 


The web-app visualizes the collected data on Trendboards that are flexible and intuitive and can be easily customized to fit your every need.

The first step towards digital transformation

The platform is



Monitor your data in real-time and access it at any time on any smart device. 

Easily integrated

Quickly connect your data points to the cloud and start tracking your progress.



Easily create various Trendboards with the user-friendly “drag and drop” feature. 



All data is sent using an encrypted SSL-connection and can only be accessed using a unique API-key.

Featured Case Studies

This is a selection of our use cases, where our solution is being used for different purposes and in different industries. If you wish to explore more, click the link directly below the selection.

Mette Munk

Mette Munk

Mette Munk produces pastry products and for legislative purposes they have to document the conditions of their production facilities at any time to Danish health service.



Dykon A/S is a Danish production company that produces feather and down duvets and pillows. We provide them with a complete overview of their operations to assist their automation process.

Next Case

Next Case

We are already being used by a number of factories in Denmark and around the world. If you follow us on LinkedIn, you can also receive updates on the latest developments on our mission.

Embedding Trendviews

Your Trendboards feature Trendviews (e.g. graphs or tables) that show the collected data. These Trendviews can be easily embedded into webpages (just like you know it from YouTube etc.)

The Trendviews will be continuously updated when new data is collected.

This example shows the power consumption of a production site which is updated every hour.

    Features and functions include


    Alarm notifications

    Instantly know if specified data limits are exceeded. 


    Automated reports

    Receive automated reports documenting the latest trends.

    Limitless views

    Create all the Trendboards that you want – no limits!


    Live Data! Access your data anytime, anywhere. 

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